• Freshwater Gaurdian Siren
  • Age: 446 Years
  • Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

MermADA grew up in Lake St. Clair, playing along the banks of the St. Clair River. For many decades she watched as little villages grew into small cities; boats of the most beautiful wooden hues & giant freighters carrying humans & cargo alike up & down her river home. She has watched fireworks & fairs, keen to keep out of sight of the humans.
She was called up by King Triton in the 1600s to train as a gaurdian siren of traveling mermaids. For many years she traveled the Atlantic, facing many nations of the world as the humans explored the lands, protecting her sisters from fisherman & collectors alike. Over time she grew a fondness for quiet villagers & their guppies, making a few friends along the coastlines. Some she would visit in her freetime, sunbathing on soft grassy shores where the littles would braid her hair and ask a million questions about the sea.
However, she had a band of mers who were a little too curious. In traveling pods there are Caller Sirens, mermaids who explore coves and sing. Their song keeps humans at bay usually and lets the gaurdian siren know its safe to bring the pod up. One sirens curiousity got the better of her, and she was caught by a sailor. MermADA sunk a fleet of Spanish ships to free her sister. Triton decided as punishment for sinking so many ships, Mermada's own siren song was taken. However as reward for saving her sisters she was retired from gaurdian service & granted the power to walk on land when needed. She now roams the great lakes with several mermaids from the same band of mermaids she saved. You'll find her at events across the great lakes keeping a watchful eye over her finned family.