As the leaves fall and the first snowflakes dance through the air, the Motor City Mermaids retreat to their enchanted underwater realm to rejuvenate their scales and polish their pearls. This magical season is a time of planning, dreaming, and preparing for the year ahead. While we may be diving deep into our freshwater abode, you can still catch ripples of our upcoming adventures on our social media channels. As the frost melts and flowers bloom, our booking inquiries will resurface, ready to bring a splash of magic to your next event. Until then, let your imagination swim free and stay tuned for a spring filled with wonder!


In the heart of the great lakes region, the riverbanks of the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, and St. Clair River host a captivating community of merfolk. Known as the Motor City Merfolk, these enchanting beings blend urban and aquatic worlds seamlessly. With iridescent tails mirroring the waters’ hues, they playfully engage in the Detroit River’s waves, find solace in Lake St. Clair’s tranquility, and journey through the whispered stories of the St. Clair River’s currents. Beyond their aquatic realm, they travel the lands of Michigan to weave their magic into local festivals and gatherings, uniting land and water in a truly magical way, reminding all that the urban can harmonize with the enchanting.

Dive into Enchantment Today!

Book your exclusive mermaid experience with Motor City Mermaids and immerse yourself in a world of captivating performances, interactive sessions, and memories that’ll last a lifetime. Motor City Mermaids is a woman run small business providing exquisite event services to Southeast Michigan. We strive to provide professionalism, quality, fun, & safety! You can be certain when booking with us that you are booking with the best

  • A deposit of %30 is needed to reserve your booking. Cancellations are subject to loss of your deposit.
  • There is a limit of 15 children per Mermaid. Larger party sizes are better serviced by multiple mermaids to accommodate the number of children & require an extra $50 per hour.
  • Depending on chosen package set-up may need to be arranged.
  • Travel Costs may apply if further then 25 miles from Detroit Zoo.

All packages can be customized, Contact us to turn your event dreams into reality!